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Financial Planning

Whether your dream is to purchase a home, save for retirement or simply evaluate your current investment situation, you can start with a financial plan. Our financial planning methods are built on integrity, trust, and results, providing a solid foundation for investment opportunities.

Life Planning: Making appropriate financial decisions based on your current and future goals is our priority. Depending on your life’s goals — starting college, nearing retirement or getting ready to start a family — we can help you plan for all of life’s moments. We can even help you plan for those unexpected emergencies.

Birth/Adoption of a Child: The addition of a new family member can significantly impact your finances. Discover how to be financially prepared for this life-changing event.

Going to College: College can be a great investment in the future. Learn how to financially prepare yourself or your children to pursue higher education.

Home Ownership: Buying a home is a significant financial decision. Whether you’re just entering the housing market or already own a home, you will find information to help you make informed decisions.

Natural Disasters and Unexpected Events:
Unexpected events can have far-reaching impacts, including on your finances, and may result in the need to make challenging financial decisions.

Starting/Losing a Job: When you begin a new job, change jobs or have a job loss, obtain the information you need about benefits and other changes to be prepared for the future.

Starting/Buying a Business: Whether you are starting, buying or managing your business, you can find tailored resources here to help you create and sustain a successful business.

Planning for Retirement/Retiring: The sooner you begin planning your retirement, the easier it will be. Learn more about employer-provided and personal retirement savings plans and options, and other ways to build a more secure retirement.

Death of a Family Member: Get the facts now about being financially prepared for a loss in the family.


Financial Consulting

LPL Financial is your personal financial consulting service guide to help navigate your money and investments through life. Whether your goal is to purchase a home, plan for retirement or simply evaluate your current financial situation, you can start with LPL Financial. Our primary focus when working with clients is that investing is personal. Your LPL Financial Advisor, Tom Landis, aims to first understand your needs, then give you the professional advice you need to help meet those needs based on where you are in your life. We build our business on your trust and life goals, and we are dedicated to securing your confidence.

Their mission: At LPL Financial, we patiently listen to each client’s individual needs, strategically plan for their dreams and carefully work toward securing their future.


Tom is here to help

Tom Landis has over 27 years of experience and his passion is helping individuals and families work toward their long-term financial goals and guiding them through life changes along the way. He understands that trust is earned through listening and understanding each client’s unique financial goals while offering unbiased advice and non-proprietary products. He is committed to creating a financial plan that helps address each person’s and family’s unique expectations, producing an investment strategy aligned with their financial goals and life story. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Tom Landis Today!

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