2021 Child Tax Credit Program

2021 Child Tax Credit Program

Per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), payments regarding your 2021 Child Tax Credit program will begin in July. If you are an eligible recipient who has previously provided your account information for your electronic payments through ACH deposits, you should receive your 2021 Tax Credit via direct deposit into your account. If you would rather receive these funds as part of your 2021 Tax refund in the year 2022, you will need to opt-out of the monthly payments. To learn more on how you can unenroll out of your monthly payments, please click here.

When should you receive your payments?

Starting Thursday, July 15, the Child Tax Credit payments will be issued on the 15th of each month unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment date will be adjusted to the next business day.

ACH On Demand

DMCU now offers ACH On Demand! With DMCU’s ACH On Demand, you may able to access your pending 2021 Child Tax Credit funds a couple of days ahead of time.

To receive a pending deposit early:

    1. Go to my accounts
    2. Click on ACH Transactions
    3. Once you click on the ACH transaction that is pending, the system will guide you through the process*


*A $14.00 fee will be applied to your DMCU share account of your choice. The $14.00 fee cannot be withdrawn from the incoming deposit. account of your choice. The $14.00 fee cannot be withdrawn from the incoming deposit. 

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