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Credit Union Savings Accounts

For roughly the cost of that large, iced, sugar-free vanilla latte with soy milk you pick up every morning, you could open a DMCU credit union savings account. With just a minimum balance of $5 to open and no monthly maintenance fees, it’s the simple and effective way to save.

Better still, because we’re a non-profit organization, our earnings are distributed among our members as dividends. Did we mention that our dividend rates are typically much higher than those at other financial institutions? That’s just a way to say "thanks" for trusting us with your money.

That’s how you make $5 go a long way.

Traditional Savings Accounts

For those looking for a combination of access to their money plus secure, interest-deriving storage of that money, a savings account is the best option. Our savings accounts are all federally insured and secure at all times, and also pay you interest over time in ways that checking accounts or other forms of savings do not – and as we noted above, these rates are even higher than many of our competitors because of our status as a non-profit.

We also offer secondary savings accounts for those in need. Many carry such accounts for major savings areas like a mortgage down payment or a new car, allowing them to build up their funds over time through a combination of deposits and interest gained.

Other Account Options

For those who have unique needs, there’s no rigid box to stay within for any of our savings accounts. Many new parents, for instance, will set up a new savings account to begin saving funds for their child’s education. We offer several different specific account types depending on what you’re creating the savings account for, most of which come with no required minimum balance whatsoever while providing fantastic dividend rates.


Effective Date: October 1, 2021

Account Type*Dividend Rate / APY** / Dividend PaidMinimum Balance
Vacation Club0.30% / 0.30% / Annually$0.00
Sub Share Savings0.10% / 0.10% / Quarterly$0.00
Savings Shares0.10% / 0.10% / Quarterly$5.00
My Future Savings0.35% / 0.35% / Quarterly$100.00
Christmas Club0.30% / 0.30% / November 1$0.00

* Rates may change after the account is opened. Accurate as of the effective date stated above. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. ** APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

Regular & IRA Certificates
Regular & IRA Certificates

Just $200 gets you a great rate and a guaranteed return on your investment. Click here to learn how!

Youth Savings
Youth Savings

We offer savings options to help our youngest members learn good habits and financial responsibility early.

Christmas Club
Christmas Club

The holidays are always here before we know it. Take the stress out of holiday shopping by setting aside the funds ahead of time.

Save To Win Certificate
Save To Win Certificate

Open an account with $25 and you're already entered to win a prize!

Money Market
Money Market

Not spending your savings? You can earn higher dividends without tying your money up.

Vacation Club
Vacation Club

Gotta get away? Start saving for your next adventure now.

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