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Credit Union Mortgage

If you’re contemplating a new mortgage, you’re in luck. We at DMCU have teamed up with Member First Mortgage to offer credit union mortgages that’ll make the home you’re eyeing a reality. You’ll be fussing over what color to paint your new living room in no time with this mortgage program. See the types of loans offered below:

Not only do we offer these loan programs, we provide numerous services to our clients throughout the mortgage application and homebuying process. We’ll advise you on the ideal programs for your situation based on factors like your credit history and debt-to-income ratio, plus will help walk you through the entire mortgage application to ensure you complete it properly – and at the right time in the process.

Furthermore, we’ll work with clients on themes like pre-qualification and pre-approval to help them improve their buying and offering position. If you’re pre-approved, you’ll be able to make offers on a home within your approved price range, offers that will be much more competitive than those who are not able to prove their purchasing power.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

In addition to originated mortgages, we’re happy to assist those in need with a variety of different options for refinancing. Perhaps you’re looking to lower the amount of total interest you’re paying on your mortgage, or change your loan term to something more favorable. In other cases, you could be looking to capitalize on the equity you’ve built up in the home, allowing for a cash-out refinance that works toward any financial needs or expenses you may have.

In any of these cases, we’ll work with you to first determine whether a refinance is the right move in your situation, then go over your options. We’ll lay out the current market rates and help you do the basic math to understand what will change for you if you pull the trigger on this refinance, plus advise you on whether this is a prudent decision.

There may be some cases where, due to your circumstances, we advise against a refinance. This could be due to current market rates that are higher than your existing mortgage, or several other potential variables. Having the assistance of experienced loan professionals in this area is hugely valuable to clients, particularly those paying their first mortgage.

We’ll walk you through all the important phases of a mortgage application, including how to fill out any sections you’re unsure of.

We offer the best and most competitive rates in the industry, with flexible qualification thresholds as well.

Need more information? Send us a message to set up a conversation with one of our Credit Union Mortgage Officers.


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