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Savings Account

With just a minimum balance of $5 to open and no monthly maintenance fees, a DMCU savings account is the simple and effective way to save. And, since you’re choosing a credit union, that $5 gets you a share of ownership in your financial institution. Furthermore, as a non-profit organization, our dividend rates are generally much higher than those at your average financial institution. To learn more about credit union savings accounts with DMCU, click here.

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Checking Accounts

A DMCU checking account makes checking easy. That means no minimum fees, no minimum balance, plus interest dividends. DMCU checking accounts have many advantages. Click here to learn about credit union checking accounts with DMCU.

DMCU’s routing & transit number is 272078297

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Rewards Checking

Get rewarded for your purchases with DMCU’s new Give Back Checking Account! Each month that you qualify, you’ll receive $10 deposited to your checking account and refunds on up to $25 of ATM fees. Learn more about our credit union rewards checking.


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Business Checking Accounts

Open up a business checking account with DMCU. Click here to learn more about what a credit union business account has to offer.

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Other Accounts Offered by DMCU

Christmas Club

Do you want to take the stress out of your holidays? Open a DMCU Christmas Club savings account. Have a specified amount automatically deposited into your Christmas Club account each month and watch your savings grow…just in time for the holidays. Each year on November 1st, your funds will be deposited into your primary savings account. And because you’ve been saving all year, your budget won’t feel a thing.

Take the stress out of holiday shopping by setting aside the funds ahead of time. With a Christmas Club Savings account, you can have a specified amount automatically deposited throughout the year which will be available for withdrawal on November 1. Watch your savings grow throughout the year just in time for the holidays.

To open your Christmas Club Savings account, visit your nearest DMCU location and ask to speak with a Member Service Representative.

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Regular & IRA Certificates of Deposit

Earn a higher rate of interest on your savings with a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Available in 6,12,13,24,36, and 60 month terms, a minimum deposit of only $200 gets you a great rate and a guaranteed return on your investment. CDs are easy, secure, and net a higher return when you invest for a longer term.

Effective Date: August 1, 2018

TermAPY*Minimum Balance
6 months1.80%$200.00
12 months2.10%$200.00
**13 month special2.50%$200.00
24 months2.60%$200.00
36 months2.80%$200.00
60 months3.00%$200.00
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

**Offer available on new deposits only; money currently on deposit at DMCU will not qualify.

To open your Certificate of Deposit, call us at 313.568.5000.

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Individual Retirement Account

Highly competitive rates and tax savings make these accounts ideal for retirement savings. They are insured up to $250,000 for added security. You can see your savings with our handy financial calculators.

Save for the future

With an IRA from DMCU you’ll get great rates as you save for your retirement. Open your IRA with any amount and make regular contributions through direct deposit, by mail or in person. NEW: You can now manage your IRA account with DMCU online by using our Retirement Central portal!

Choose the IRA that is right for you

  • Traditional IRA – With this IRA, you may qualify for a tax-deductible contribution—and that means your overall tax bill at the time of funding will be lower.
  • Roth IRA – Contributions are made with after-tax dollars. At retirement, both your contributions and the earnings may generally be taken out as tax-free withdrawals.


Account TypeDividend Rate / APY** / Dividend PaidMinimum Balance
Traditional IRA*0.50% / 0.50% / Quarterly$50.00
Roth IRA0.50% / 0.50% / Quarterly$50.00
Rollover Traditional IRA0.50% / 0.50% / Quarterly$50.00

For more information about opening your IRA call 313.568.5000.

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Youth Savings Account

At DMCU, your child’s savings can grow along with them. We offer savings options to help our youngest members learn good habits and financial responsibility early.

For children ages 0-18, we offer:

  • $50 every year for your child’s birthday with the My Future Savings account*
  • Free use of coin machines at our branches
  • Higher dividend rates
  • Annual school supply giveaways at our Back to School Bash
  • Certificates of Deposit with an initial deposit of just $100

*Initial deposit of $100 required to open the My Future Savings Account

For our young adult members ages 18-22, we offer:

  • Specialized student loan counseling
  • Six months of free enrollment in Benefits Plus
  • Rate discounts on first auto loan when qualified
  • Annual opportunities for scholarships to university, college, or trade school

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Money Market

At DMCU, the more you save, the more you earn. Our money market accounts are perfect for members who are savings-minded. With dividends that pay and compound monthly*, this account is a good fit for members who already have a high balance in their savings and would like to earn higher dividends without tying their money up in a Certificate of Deposit.

With a DMCU Money Market, you can make deposits at any time and have complete access to your money, as up to six electronic transfers per month are allowed. Unlike most CDs, there is no penalty for withdrawals.

Insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and with a higher APY** than a typical savings account, a money market account is a safe way to build your personal wealth.

Money Market Tiers and APY

$2,500 - $24,9991.20%
$25,000 - $49,9991.25%
$50,000 - $99,9991.30%
$100,000 and over1.40%
*$2,500 minimum average daily balance required to earn dividends.
**APY= Annual Percentage Yield

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Save to Win Certificate

Save to Win is a prize-linked savings account that offers the chance to win prizes in addition to earning regular interest. It requires a small opening deposit of $25 and allows an unlimited number of deposits during the 12-month share certificate term; unless your credit union chooses to cap the deposits on the account (refer to the credit union’s Official Rules for details).

Learn More About Save to Win

Official Rules


TermAPY*Minimum Deposit
12 Months1.70%$25.00

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield

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