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1% Cash Back on an Auto Loan.

Really. We're serious.

DMCU made my month!

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DMCU can make it happen.

Get standard auto loans that play nicely with your monthly budget with payments low enough to make you do a double-take. And right now it gets even better with 1% cash back and no payments for 90 days.1

Let’s talk payments.

Our standard car loans are your budget’s best friend. You can count on that.

Just look at these beauties when you finance with DMCU:

As low as


on a $10,000 loan2

As low as


on a $15,000 loan2

As low as


on a $20,000 loan2

Not low enough? We can Flex that.

With Flex Auto Loans, we can get your monthly payment low. Like real low. Refinance, sell, trade or just walk away when the term ends. Get a Flex Loan today. No limbo stick required.

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What Our Members Are Saying

I’ve been a member since last November and the credit union has showed me nothing but love from day one. Helped me get my credit back on track and now I have a credit score in the 600’s when I didn’t have a score before.


Robert W. – March 17, 2018

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