Avoiding Financial Scams: Possible Signs to Be Aware Of

There are a few areas to protect yourself from with regard to your finances, and one of these is looking out for any potential financial scams. Sadly, scammers will try to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens in several ways, whether it’s imitating legitimate financial advisors or a few other methods that might be attempted. At … Continued

Clawson Credit Terminology: Utilization, Cosigner, Interest

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the most important terms you should know about credit. Credit is one of the single most vital areas of your financial profile, whether personal or business-related, and knowing some of its basic ins and outs can pay dividends down the line. At … Continued

Credit Terminology: Credit Score, Inquiries, APR

Within the personal financial world, few concepts are more important than credit. From obtaining loans of various types to opening up a new credit card or line of credit, there are numerous reasons why credit is an important topic — and a few basic terms you should be aware of if you’re utilizing credit in … Continued

Tips for Building Credit Beyond Your Card

When the term “credit” is discussed, it’s natural for many people to think of a physical credit card first. And while this is absolutely one of the primary ways credit is built and maintained over time, it’s important to realize that there are other methods of building and maintaining credit, and attention to these is … Continued

Detroit Business Loan Application: Type, Cash Flow, Lenders

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on how to successfully apply for a small business loan. There are a few important facets to this conversation, from strong documentation to credit history and more, and ensuring you have your ducks in a row will increase your chances at … Continued

Business Loan Application: Documentation and Credit

For business owners in need of some additional financing for any part of their company’s operations, a business loan is one of the most common and reliable options. Available from a few different lender types, from banks and credit unions to certain private lenders, business loans assist with a wide variety of different company needs. … Continued

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