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Diversified Members Credit Union Fee Schedule

Effective November 15, 2023

ACH/EFT & Draft Fees

NSF – Non-Sufficient Funds & Courtesy Pay (per presentment) : $30.00
Stop Payment (per item): $30.00
Stop Payment in Online Banking: $15.00
Transfer Overdraft from Savings (per transfer)*: $3.00
Check Copies (Free through It’s Me 247 Online Banking): $5.00
Temporary Checks (free for new accounts/receive 2 sheets or 8 checks): $3.00
ACH On-Demand Fee: $15.00
Account Reopening after Closing: $25.00
Returned Deposit Item (per presentment, includes electronic items): $15.00
Returned Deposit Item ( if on self-account per presentment, includes electronic items): $30.00
*Includes any share draft or pre-authorized, or transaction made by use of Your Debit or ATM card, or other electronic means, as applicable (including any in-person transaction).

ATM/Debit Card/Visa Fees

Foreign ATM transaction fee (outside of CO-OP Network): $2/per transaction
Replacement VISA Card: $10.00
VISA PIN Replacement: $5.00
Withdrawal NSF ATM/Debit PIN (per transaction) :$30.00
Instant Issue Debit Card: $10.00
VISA Rush Overnight (Card Only): $55.00
CO-OP ATM transaction: FREE
Debit Card & PIN Rush Overnight (maximum fee amount disclosed however, the fee may be less based on vendor charge): $200.00
ATM/Debit Deposits, Transfers, and Inquires: FREE

Visa Credit Card Fees

Visa NSF Payment: $15/item; $30/item
(Checks not drawn from DMCU member account; Checks drawn from DMCU member account)
Visa Late Payment Charge: $25.00

Visa Travel/Gift Card Fees

Visa Travel Cards: $8.00
Visa Travel Card Reload Fee: $3.00
Visa Travel Companion Card: $2.95
Visa Travel Point of Sale: $0.50
Visa Gift Card: $4.00
Visa Gift Card Non-Activity: $4.95

Non-Member Fees:

Cashier’s/Members Checks/Money Orders Cashing for Non-Member ($500 or less): 10% of check amount
Cashier’s/Members Checks/Money Orders Cashing for Non-Member ($500 to $1,000): 10% of check amount
Cashier’s/Members Checks/Money Orders Cashing for Non-Member ($1,000 or more): 10% of check amount
Notary Service for Non-Members: $10.00
Non-DMCU Credit Card Cash Advance: $15.00
Coin Machine Usage-Non Members: 8%

*There is a freeze on ATM & Debit cards when an account is negative or a loan is delinquent more than 15 days.

Our routing and transit number is 272078297

Loan Fees

Loan Title Filing Fee: $16.00
Loan Payment by Phone Fee: $12.00
Loan Payment by Web Fee-Credit Card: $7.00
Loan Payment by Web Fee-ACH: FREE
CARFAX Report: $15.00
Late Payment Charge (after 21 days): $25.00
Loan Reapplication (occurs within 3months)*: $15.00
*Refunded if the loan is approved.
Skip-A-Pay/Extension Fee (VISA/Loans) $20.00/$35.00

Safety Deposit Box Fees

Box 3 x 10 (annual): $40.00
Box 5 x 10 (annual): $50.00
Box 10 x 10 (annual): $80.00
Safety Box Lost Key: At cost to DMCU
Safety Box Drilled/Replaced: At cost to DMCU

Safety Deposit Boxes Only Available at Clawson Branch. All boxes are subject to availability. 

Miscellaneous Fees:

Account History/Document Copy (per page)-free through Online Banking: $1.00
Acount Research (per hour)-$30 minimum: $30.00
Balance Inquiry (free through Online, Telephone or Mobile Banking): $1.00
Benefits Plus Ultimate: $7.95
Christmas Club Withdrawal: $10.00
Close Account (if less than 6 months old): $5.00
Coin Machine Usage-Members: 3%
Dorman Account (monthly fee after 12 months inactivity): $10.00
Save to Win Early Withdrawal : $25.00/withdrawal
Escheat Account: $75.00
Fax (per page, domestic only): $1.00
Garnishment and levies (processing fee) $75.00
Mailed Statement Fee (enroll/accept eStatement terms to avoid the fee).*$3.00
Manual Phone Transfer(free through Online, Telephone or Mobile Banking): $3.00
Money Order ($1,000 maximum): $3.00
Cashier's Check: $3.00
Cashier's Check for Bills (free if payable to member): $3.00
Check Cashing (free with direct deposit or share balance of $50 or more): $3.00
Stop/Reissue Cashier's Checks (minimum 90 days after issue): $30.00
Stop/Reissue Money Order: $30.00
My Future Savings Withdrawals (Ages 0-17): $50.00
Photocopies (per page): $1.00
Return Wire (Fee contingent on a charge from returning FI): At cost to DMCU
Returned Mail/ Wrong Address (per month): $10.00
Second Chance Checking Fee (per month): $10.00
Service Center/Shared Branch Transaction (5 free per month): $2.00
Statement Copy (free through Online Banking): $3.00
Subpoenas( per hour)-$75.00 minimum (additional per page copy fee of $1.00): $75.00
Vacation Club Withdrawal (2 free/calendar year): $10.00
Wire Transfers-Outgoing: $25.00
*Ages 0-21 years and 70+ free
Notary Service-Members: FREE

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